How to deal with elders who have poor hearing?

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Many elderly people say that as they age, they develop hearing problems of varying degrees. After many elderly people suffer from hearing loss, it becomes more difficult to communicate with family and friends in daily life, leading to a decline in their quality of life.

How to treat elders with poor hearing?

We should pay attention to the following when talking to the elderly with hearing loss:
✔ Try to speak to them in a normal voice. It is better to speak slowly and clearly than to yell loudly;
✔ If they don’t understand clearly, they should patiently explain, or repeat or express it in another way. The sentences should be simple and easy to understand, and you can write them with a pen if necessary;
✔ When talking, your attitude must be cordial, do not cover your mouth, and face the light so that the elderly can see your mouth shape clearly.

Getting along and communicating with people with senile hearing loss may be a little more difficult than those with hearing loss of other ages. As family members of patients, we only need to pay more patience and love through Hearing Aids and other assistive hearing devices. , allowing the elderly to overcome hearing impairment and have a healthy and happy old age with everyone's help.

Can hearing loss in old age be reversed?

Hearing loss related to age cannot be reversed, and hearing can only be improved with some rehabilitation programs, such as hearing aids. However, for some ear diseases, such as sudden deafness, even the elderly suffering from sudden deafness must be actively treated to protect their hearing health. Here we would like to remind the elderly with chronic diseases, such as those with high blood pressure and diabetes, to pay attention to preventing hearing loss. Studies have found that diabetes has a significant impact on the hearing of the elderly.

Many elderly people have hearing loss and can only use the help of hearing aids. Otherwise, what should the elderly do if their hearing is not good? Preventive measures must be taken to prevent the elderly from hearing clearly or being unable to hear, and young people will be less likely to communicate with the elderly, and the elderly will feel even more lonely. Therefore, only by protecting their hearing and preventing deafness can the elderly better integrate into the world of young people.