There's been a lot of wax in my ears lately, what's going on?

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The human body is a very delicate organization, and every part that makes up it has a reason for its existence. As one of them, earwax exists silently in our ear canals. It seems to be ordinary and it is the maintainer of ear canal health.

There's been a lot of wax in my ears recently, what's going on?

There is a cerumen gland in the human ear canal, which continuously secretes a light yellow oily substance called cerumen every day. Over time, the cerumen adheres to dander, dust and other foreign matter passing through the ear canal to form a The mixture is earwax. The main components of earwax are 60% keratin, 20% fatty acids and 10% cholesterol.

     # Earwax mostly appears in people with strong oil secretion, and some people have a relatively strong metabolism. These original earwax are mixed with the dust in the ear canal and shed skin debris, and after drying they become It becomes a small piece of light yellow loose flake-like earwax and accumulates in the ear canal, which is earwax.

# Nowadays, many young people have unhealthy diets or irregular lifestyles, which lead to endocrine disorders in the body and strong oil secretion. At this time, earwax can easily form.

        # It may be caused by environmental factors. The living environment of each of us is different. If the environment in which we live is dusty and the air is polluted, it is easy for earwax to grow in our ears.

       # If you suffer from otitis media, you will also have the symptoms of excessive earwax. If there is yellow water flowing out and the ears are accompanied by painful symptoms, it is very possible. You are suffering from otitis media. At this time, you must go to the hospital for treatment.

# <<<<<<. If we all like to pick out earwax, too frequent earwax removal will cause irritation to the ears, which will lead to increased earwax secretion.

      # There is also a congenital physiological secretion of the external auditory canal, excessive secretion of the cerumen gland, just like what is commonly known as oily ears. In this case, ear wax is also A lot of.

Generally speaking, an appropriate amount of earFeces can protect our hearing. A small amount of earwax can reduce the noise coming from the outside and prevent small flying insects from damaging the ear canal and tympanic membrane. When we find that our earwax suddenly and mysteriously increases, we should Go to the hospital for an internal ear examination to find out what is causing it, and then provide targeted treatment to recover as soon as possible.

How to properly clean earwax
Many people use ear picks to directly remove ear wax. However, due to the hard texture of ear picks, it is easy to scratch the ear canal and cause inflammation. Therefore this method is not recommended. Some friends may also like to use cotton swabs to pick out their ears. They think cotton swabs are softer and safer to use. However, this method is not necessarily scientific. Using cotton swabs to pick out your ears may cause impurities to remain on the swab, and may even push earwax deeper. Inside the ears, making cleaning more difficult.

In fact, the ear canal has a self-cleaning function. When we talk or eat, it will drive the ear muscles to move and then discharge the earwax. Requires frequent cleaning. If there is earwax that is difficult to drain out of the ear canal, you can use some salt water, then drip the salt water into the ear canal, rub it gently a few times, and then rinse it clean.