Tinnitus greatly affects sleep and work, how to relieve it?

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Tinnitus is relatively common among the elderly. If this situation is not improved, it will affect the patient's normal life and work, and also affect the health. For example, tinnitus can lead to insomnia, which can give the patient bring about a series of impacts.

Tinnitus greatly affects sleep and work, how to alleviate it?

In daily life, many people will suffer from tinnitus, which greatly affects people's quality of life. However, there are many causes of tinnitus, making it difficult to prevent.

How can tinnitus be relieved?

1. Relieve stress appropriately

The pressure of life is increasing day by day, but everyone must learn to face it calmly and avoid nervous emotions, otherwise it will be detrimental to their own health. Therefore, pay attention to regulating your emotions in life, appropriately relieving stress, and avoiding the invasion of tinnitus.

2. Combining work and rest

You have to be busy with work every day, and you can’t take a good rest during holidays. There are also endless housework, taking care of children, etc. , life is busy and the mind is stressful, which is very bad for the body over time. Therefore, everyone should take good rest in life and adhere to the balance between work and rest.

3. Regulate emotions

Good emotions are closely connected with everyone’s physical health. Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy body and stay away from tinnitus and other diseases, we must maintain In a good mood, try to lose your temper as little as possible, and don't worry or be suspicious.

4. Ensure adequate sleep
Adequate sleep is very important for everyone. People who often stay up late are prone to various diseases, because staying up late will reduce the body’s resistance. , so in daily life we ​​must ensure adequate sleep in order to have sufficient energy and vitality.

Tinnitus is a physiological phenomenon experienced by many people. Some occur occasionally, while others occur long-term. Long-term tinnitus is likely to be caused by some diseases that affect people's health. Many people now have some tinnitus as they grow older, experience increased life pressure, increase blood pressure and blood sugar, or live in a noisy environment for a long time.

Tinnitus masking therapy

Tinnitus masking therapy is also called sound therapy. The reason why it is called masking therapy is actually a desensitization treatment to prevent patients from being exposed to noise. In the environment, let him be relatively in the music, mask his annoying tinnitus, so that he can be desensitized to the original uncomfortable noise in his ears. After wearing it for a period of time, he will be less sensitive to the original noise, and it can also provide treatment. The purpose of tinnitus, but tinnitus masking must also be based on the patient's tinnitus matching check, find a matching sound, and then carry out tinnitus masking treatment to be effective. For example, turn on the radio or light music software and adjust the radio to a channel with no frequency.If there is a band with noise frequency, adjust the volume to a level that covers the tinnitus, and continue to play it for tens of minutes, several times a day, and it will gradually get better.

All in all, there are many causes of tinnitus. If you want to relieve tinnitus, you must first understand the cause. There are different treatments for different causes. In daily life, try to avoid being burdened with excessive stress for a long time, which may lead to mental stress or fatigue. When resting, you can use appropriate massage to soothe the ear nerves, and you can also drink an appropriate amount of green tea to dredge the blood vessels.